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Glimpses of Kent Sayre

Kent is an American national originated from Portland.

He has a passion in computers growing up. Graduating a degree in Computer Science was such a fulfillment for him. He didn’t stop learning and took up the Masters degree in the same field of computer studies and eventually completed the course.

Practicing his profession to enhance more his expertise he got engaged with a company who manufactured a computer chips. He led the software developers of the company.

Kent has a number of ideas and he therefore wrote “Unstoppable Confidence” that also explains about “The Power of NLP” and hypnosis techniques widely recognized by thousands of people that helped them boosting their confidence. The book was published in 2008 by McGraw Hill.

Being a highly computer-educated professional he first ventured into a software business, then to publishing, real estate, and a few more.

His favorite past time is reading books and some travelling during vacations.

For any inquiries he can be reached at

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